Mr Bannock Indigenous Cuisine was founded in 2018 from Paul Natrall of the Squamish Nation, partnering with Vancity. Together they launched Vancouvers !st Indigenous food truck. Showcasing fresh and local indigenous ingredients and cooking methods. With time and experience Chef Natrall now fuses indigenous ingredients and cooking methods other cuisines for everyone around the lower mainland. You can get award winning tacos, Indigenous salad rolls, vegan indigenous dishes at anytime with catering options or at your office and special events around the lower mainland. 


Mr Bannock Indigenous Cuisine  works closely in Indigenous communities around the lower mainland, creating jobs, teaching prep cooks and cooks  to cook with traditional ingredients and cooking methods with in house recipes and soon to come step by step videos. Also volunteering time in schools to chat about the path of Mr Bannock and indigenous cuisine, often sharing signature dishes at discounted prices to give the next generation of taste of our food culture. The vision and goal from the day one is to promote and showcase indigenous cuisine to the world.


The team is lead by Chef\Owner Paul Natrall. He has tons of experience in the cooking industry and has been a Indigenous Specialty chef since 2009 after graduating from Vancouver Community College. His passion for Indigenous cookery began as a young kid, his uncle was a hunter and would come home With fresh deer, moose, elk. They would then make everyday comfort food with the fresh meat with things like spaghetti, shepherds pie, chowmien, steak and eggs. 


If you are looking for Authentic Indigenous food, no need to look further, the menu is on the next page and we can also make a custom menu\quote that will fit your needs. 


Special Thanks to our friends


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