Mr. Bannock

2019 Youth Entrepreneur of the year

We take pride & joy in sharing fusion indigenous cuisine, using fresh local ingredients and ancient cooking methods such as smoking, clay and stone baking. In 2018 we made history in launching Vancouvers 1st Indigenous food truck Mr Bannock. 
Since then we have been doing lots of catering and special events around the lower mainland, we have have done thousands of bannock tacos in the first year. Now in 2019 we have been nominated for BC youth entrepreneurship of the year award. 
We help keep our economy strong by using fresh local ingredients, employing community/Squamish Nation members with or without any cooking experience.
Providing indigenous recipes\cooking methods with step by step instructions for employees. Also having daily checklists for opening, closing, cleaning, food ordering giving the confidence to work in any kitchen with the experience being provided. 
We have also given back to many of our communities throughout the lower mainland. Giving all schools discounts for the kids, speaking with them about being indigenous entrepreneur and the journey of becoming Mr Bannock. 

WhiteHorse Yukon (ICAN)

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Vancouver, BC

Email: info@mrbannock.com / Tel: 778-839-6742

Thanks to our community partner Vancity for supporting this Indigenous led initiative


Mr.Bannock 2020